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A Wholesale

Travel Booking


Because its time for the network marketing industry to evolve

iGo will deliver a first class consumer experience for you and your customers and we will create the first PRIB

The PRIB is a Perpetual Residual Income Builder 

Send a Free Website

They Book Travel!

You Get PAID!

You throw out good will & savings, and you get rewarded with a Travel savings bonus in cash!

The only way you can get paid is if your customers save money!

A unique, very cool and fun way to earn additional income. Extra cash that can potentially become a life changing opportunity!


  1. TSA's (Travel Savings Ambassadors) can share 50% of the savings with friends, family or anyone with a free iGo website.

  2. When they book on their personal iGo website your customers enjoy 50% of the available savings

  3. The other 50% of savings comes back to you in cash and through the compensation plan


Build a Team!

So you're a team builder?

How big will you build

your team?

Its your choice!


Build a Customer Base!

Don't like selling?

Then don't do it

No selling

No rejection

No recruiting

Can you ask a simple question?

Would you like to travel in 4&5 Star Style but at 3&4 Star prices?


How many customers will you get?

Customer aqusition example 

When they say "Yes"! send them a free website and when they book travel and save, you get paid 



How big will you build your team?

Team Building Example 


So you are a team builder?

Maybe you have built a team before or maybe you want to start now. You can do it here.



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