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Changing up the Vibe of Ride Share

$220 Billion:

The projected size of Rideshare industry by 2025

The Rideshare revolution is here 

The future is here the future is VIBE 

We're giving people the opportunity to create a real income with Rideshare

Refer & Recruit Vibe Ride DRIVERS


Refer & Recruit Vibe Ride RIDERS



Once a Driver or a Rider engages in a Vibe Rides transaction, you as the referring Ambassador have an opportunity to earn commission using the


The Perpetual Residual Income Builder 

What makes Vibe Rides different?


Its your choice



Choose your Vibe that you want when riding

Safety features = #girlpower

Get rewarded for sharing the Vibe.



3 ways to earn



Earn when you drive

Earn when others drive

Earn when customers ride 



Earn credits and gift cards



Get credits for travel

Earn credits for rides

Get gift cards for holidays 


Vibe offers more Safety & Ride Customisation features than any other Rideshare company

With more Driver support & opportunities to earn, Vibe is the best place for Rideshare Drivers to build a fleet of drivers.

They can be their own boss, build their own team and get paid daily 

You then get paid everytime they drive 

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